Examine the condition

It is in our nature to create and destroy, the polarity within the human spirit has and will be exhibited throughout time immemorial, on a micro and macro scale.

For the mind itself is but an experiment in conciousness, constantly expressing it’s infinite potential in a myriad of ways.

The subject at hand is the present, in which human behaviour as a collective threatens as well as harmonizes the reality before us, for if all efforts were to be concentrated in a negative manner, then we would be within a far bleaker world, and vice versa.

It seems as though this is the theme of our reality, as consciousness comes manifest as human beings who then infringe their will upon their surroundings, whether this is of a positive or negative manner, depends on the inherent nature within the individual.

Preserving and creating, expansion, this is what flows through the universe naturally.

Consumption and destruction, contraction, this too is what flows through the universe naturally.

What is expressed through each of us is the polarity of nature itself.

The balance is disrupted when the expression of nature is constricted, allowing one force to overwhelm the other.

Ultimately, this leads to a purge within nature itself in order to reset the system, life itself.

This leads to the question of action.

For there is much required in order to harmonize oneself to be of service. Action starts individually, and then binds us collectively.

What is the right action, to create or destroy, rebuild or purge, the question is answered within solely.

As a creation will blossom and wither just as destruction itself gives birth to life, the opposites ignite a certain acknowledgement in the twilight.

For only we can keep our sight in life, a focus must be maintained in order to understand that the victory, a remedy to this plight, was within our heart, after all this time.

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