The conflict of Potential

There are reckonings in life that force us to awaken to the reality of our internal and external environments.

These moments can be acknowledged or repulsed, resulting in a victory or a loss, and certainly there is always a cost.

There is the higher and lower self, the positive and negative, the polarities that are entangled within each human being that form balance, creation and destruction.

The reckoning is this, are we evolving, are we growing, or on the contrary, are we slipping into the dark void of unconcious repetitions that allow us to forgo our own growth as a human being.

The concept of the renaissance man (or woman) is that of an individual who has fully actualized their potential and seeks to further themselves, those around them and their culture as a whole through positive transformation, this is an individual in tune with themselves and not fearful or uncertain of what they seek, which is growing through life itself.

The concept of the inferior man in turn would be the opposite, one who is not in pursuit of their own growth and happiness, which in turn affects those around them and certainly does not put forth positive contributions to the society around them, they are fearful and uncertain of what they seek, for they know not what it is, therefore they stumble aimlessly and seek salvation through nihilism and hedonism.

As polarized beings, this is our eternal struggle, to give in or to give out, to suffer or to learn, to accept or to deny, to grow or to shrivel…. it is all too often that the juiciest of grapes, perfect specimens indeed, shrivel up into nothingness under the intense heat of the sun.

We have the choice, however, making a choice is exceptionally difficult, there are two archetypes that explain the difficulty of choosing a path in which we shall grow henceforth from.

These two are that of the forever child, the Peter pan whose indecisiveness leads him to accomplishing nothing, but reveling in his infinite potential regardless, the opposite indeed is that of the hanged man, the captain hook, the jealous, angry and old man whose path was decided long ago out of ignorance who now attempts to evade death, as he chases the prospect of the forever child that he wishes he still possessed.

Certainly, both of these archetypes are inferior, as they are both lacking having actualized their own individual potential, the difference however is that the forever boy has the opportunity to become either self actualized, therefore becoming the superior or higher self or becoming the hanged man, whose fate was decided by lack of commitment, or by commitment to negative growth rather than positive.

As a 23 year old male within the western hemisphere, especially as an individualist who identifies as an artist, I identify strongly with the archetype of the forever boy, and strongly fear the archetype of the hanged man.

The forever boy allows one to ponder, play and attempt to discover their true vocation, which may or may not exist.

The hanged man however, seems all to familiar to the majority of men within my society; they’ve made their choices, and although they are tolerable, they do not satisfy the innate potential that is within the individual.

Therefore they are less than pleased upon encountering a forever boy, who still has the opportunity to act on their truth, and does not contribute (or so the hanged man will always believe) to the culture they both inhabit.

This is the conflict that I myself am embroiled within, as I can imagine so many of us are in this rapidly transforming day and age, the conflict of the self, to defeat the shadows that occupy our mind and illuminate our potential and actualize it into reality.

The superior individual will evolve consistently, day in and day out, always striving to be better for themselves, their family, friends and culture.

Whereas the inferior individual succumb to their weaknesses and vices, dragging themselves through cyclical cycles of pain and suffering until they learn the lesson of self worth, which we alone determine through our actions and thoughts.

Through free will, we make choices, and disclaimer, my monkey mind, my hedonistic tendencies and addictive behaviors have me more often than not locked in battle with my shadows, however, other times, such as now, my monkey brain attempts to decipher the perplexing riddles of my own existence, I suppose, our existence.

That unto itself is a gift, or curse, depending on the day, indeed, free will makes us unnatural within a natural world, for humans alone are polarized and acknowledge their polarity (hence, the garden of eden and the fruit of forbidden knowledge, aka evil, pardon my christian programming, but this story allows us to understand that humans alone are polarized and understand that their is good and evil, and can therefore act of their own volition in either discourse, where as animals, plants, insects etc are natural and without thought in their purpose) and therefore are capable of determining a path.

The path to evolve or falter, that is always such a mystery, and it perplexes me certainly and shall until the end of times. However, in order to further delve into this mystery, I must commit to growth, otherwise, I will fall deep into the abyss and know nothing but the visions I am told.

As always, I pray you are well. If you enjoy my work, follow the blog to stay in tune with future posts.

Sending you Light through Love,


3 thoughts on “The conflict of Potential

  1. Exceptionally well written. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the two forces inside us. It reminded me of the wonderful Herman Hesse book, Narcissus and Goldmund.
    But I think you left out one of the most important of archetypes: the hero. Sure, one can be a Peter pan-type child forever, dreaming of what could be. But at some stage, you must go forth into the unknown, the abyss, and search for the holy grail. Either you go voluntarily or life will violently push you in that direction.

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    1. Thank you elena, I appreciate your kind words. Hesse is one of my favorite authors! Certainly, you are correct, the most important archetype ultimately, once one has actualized their potential, they set forth on the journey, yet that journey can lead one right into the abyss as well, if only to so that they realize that’s the roots of hell indeed reach all the way to heaven

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  2. Oh absolutely, you’re right. Nice little shout out to Jung in the end there, too! Enjoy the rest of your week šŸ™

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