Vindicated Temperament

Allow yourself to dissolve for a moment into the nothingness that surrounds you, for impermanence can grant one the luxury of absolution from their current earthly endeavors, which is gratifying for some and terrifying for others.

For what if there is nothing beyond this paradigm, and we are fated to wither as astral dust into the depths of the illusion of time.

What if we were granted at long last a simple solution, one that would disavow the constant pendulum that swings, rippling through our collective emotions, divulging each and every moment into one that is uncertain, for it is merely a possibility in the eyes of the beholder.

Indeed, this perspective that enchants us all ever so vastly, is the mere accumulation of the experiences that mold us mentally and physically, to push through boundaries and soar ever so freely, or to be shackled to our grievances that allow us not to simply be.

A decision that haunts the individuals psyche, for it is a creation of duality.

Within the current environment in which we project, that which we protect and that which we neglect, there is certainly a subject that lays ahead, or lies buried ever so deeply in the crevices of our minds where we dare not tread.

Here, delve in deeper, layer by layer, until we discover an atmosphere that is thicker and and bares resemblance to an abandoned theater.

Ever so visceral, daunting and revolting, yet majestic and mesmerizing, indeed it is a sight that is taunting the viewer to enact the play which they believe to be reality.

Simply a fallacy, which is why this vision is but a scattered dream, for within the world before thee one must determine what it truly means, to be free.

That can only be determined individually to a very minuscule degree, for the infinite can never be grasped by those that possess mortality.

However, we must cling to the concept of purpose, for this interactive environment certainly thirsts for answers, and as the pendulum swings, questions merely present themselves faster and faster.

Which is why it is without a doubt the greatest of pleasantries, to simply evaporate every here and now in order to accept the futility of belief.

For although it is all that we possess it is indeed the shackle that binds us to the everlasting vacancy, for what is a belief but yet another of the architect’s themes.

One that is not unique but encoded within all of eternity, to surface suddenly if only to vanish momentarily.

For the birth begins with but a planted seed, indeed it takes hold and the roots grow deep, to the point where they reach both ends of polarity, and bring us once again to the nothingness, an abyss that surrounds you and me.

Sending you Light through Love,


3 thoughts on “Vindicated Temperament

  1. “for the infinite can never be grasped by those that possess mortality.”

    That’s where psychedelics or meditation come in handy!

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    1. Speaking my language, you are indeed, even that is temporary however, and can leave one with more questions than answers, at least from my own experiences

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      1. That’s true, but I have found that my questions mostly get answered. If I’m ready to know them, that is.

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