Ideas about memories

It is an idea that alters the course of history, for humans are merely the messengers, the conduits of ideas.

It is certainly a memory as well, embedded within history, waiting to be remembered in the present, that alters the future, the memory of an idea perhaps.

For within the infinite humans that have and will traverse this reality, there is perhaps a finite numbers of equations awaiting solutions, therefore, as civilizations rise and fall, we forget and remember, what our true nature is, and within perspective, that is a blessing or a curse.

What is written into the story of our own nature, is repetitive, and seemingly ingrained into the unconscious, if only to be remembered in the present through circumstances that that require conscious action.

Thoughts manifest into our reality, the script is played out by the actors, the stage dictates the environment, we understand this thoroughly, on a deeper level, hence why we are story telling creatures, and everything you can imagine absolutely has a story, a reason, a purpose.

Which is why we must remember, rather than forget and neglect, as there are stories unfolding, events occurring, ideas manifesting, each and every moment.

And these stories certainly do not represent the pieces that put them together, no they are the puzzle of a single concept, a single seed, a single idea indeed, and this is of a singular nature, that expands into the multitude that represent the totality that it has become.

The totality being nature itself, and humans beings the messengers and architects of the reality they occupy upon earth as intelligent creatures capable of enacting complexity within simplicity.

Through symbiosis, the simplicity of nature itself can infinitely expand life itself, or through parasitic ways, contract life in ways we cannot fathom.


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