Waves that hit Shores

The gift of consciousness, a blessing endowed upon us from beyond what we cannot explain, indeed, what we seek to understand is the very gift of life itself when we are in the grips of existential ecstasy or crisis.

Indeed it is rather blissful to simply be conscious of that very simple fact that we can comprehend our own unique experience, it is this same realization however that strikes us with fear, for it is a mystery that we currently traverse, as our ancestors have done so and they before them.

We are planted as a seed in the womb, the earth indeed, a replicating cyclical wonder that allows us to procreate and continue the lineage of consciousness, the lineage of human experience, through our own blood, for we are finite, we shall fade away into the dusts of eternity, which is why we plant the seeds, so that this may continue, this mystery into the unknown.

Certainly, we are here to learn what it means to truly live, so that we may also understand what it means to truly die, if we are conscious of this finite period of experience, then we may plant the seeds for a future brighter than the current experience we ourselves are witnessing.

If we are unconscious of our own mortality, then it may slip from us without us having ever actualized our potential, for it begins with understanding, and understanding arises from conscious realization that is then actualized into manifestation.

There is a stark contrast between consciousness and unconsciousness and it defines how we as individuals live our lives and how our lives affect those lives around us, for a conscious individual can alter themselves, alter their surroundings, plant seeds of ripe harvest, and indeed change the collective experience we all co exist within, for the better.

The unconscious individual will certainly affect their own lives, more or less so in an uneventful or negative manner, and thus, shall in turn alter their surroundings and the lives of those around them, in a negative manner, the seeds they plant will be unknown to them, so in turn, those that must harvest them in a later period will deal with what the previous unconscious mind had sown.

That is the predicament of consciousness, it has an opposite, unconsciousness, considering we live in a polarized mental state, this makes sense, considering we have free will, we also have the choice whether to be conscious or unconscious in this lifetime.

It is far more difficult to be conscious, for you must critically think constantly about your thoughts and actions, this is far more draining than simply allowing life to flow through you, animated but not engaged.

It is the answer to the questions that we as a collective possess, it is a solution to the problems we have been facing for a millennia, it is what divides us rather than solidifies us, indeed we are separate when we are unconscious, we are unified when we are conscious.

That is interesting to note, simply because we as human beings are programmed from the day we are born by a plethora of human characteristics that define our society; our cultures, governments, religions, beliefs, families, these rituals that define us individually and collectively, and separate us both in turn, are the backbone of unconsciousness, and why is that?

These beliefs are not and have never been our own, they are scarcely the product of any original thought on this planet, on the contrary, they are the product of old information, old hardware, old systems indeed, that never served humanity to begin with, rather, they controlled.

We are controlled by unconsciousness, when we become aware, sentient and conscious of our own individuality, our own spirit, our own path, then we may begin to free ourselves from a self contained prison in which no one can be blamed as our captor other than ourselves.

It is our own burden to bear, indeed it is what shall define our entire lives, whether we are consciously engaged and fluid within the universe, or being dragged along, maybe that is part of it all, for it is difficult to awaken within the dream without being drenched in cold water, therefore shocked into realization, even then, it is ever so easy to fall asleep in a maze that is designed to lull the inhabitants back to slumber.

It is a challenge, this journey we share, it is either a blessing or a curse, depending on one’s perspective, we can consciously grow and evolve, or unconsciously flow along, unaware of what could possibly be.

I hope you are all well in these interesting times, opportunities arise in the bleakest of moments, yet only those seeing with clarity may seize them.

Sending you Light through Love,


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  1. Wonderful. ❤

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