Cards and ashes

Everything is a gamble, a game in which you play your card, your bet, indeed your move, and thus, the future is altered instantaneously.

Interestingly enough the series of strange events that has lead us as a collective to this point in time is but a choice, one that we must make and indeed one that we are making each and every moment.

For each and every moment the being may think and act if they choose to do so, and as human beings we are responsible for the effects of the causes we enact.

Indeed, the world in all it’s diversity is placed on a gamble at this moment, and it is not the gamble of the collective, but one of the specific, indeed, if we do not play our part in how our future will ensue then certainly it shall be altered forevermore in a rather drastic manner.

Indeed, at moments of drastic crisis, uncertainty and chaos, humans look for answers, they look for order, they look for peace.

However, it may be that the direction in which we ever so commonly place our faith, that of the governing bodies and institutions that dictate much of the global affairs occurring on a macro and micro scale, that we are blind.

For if we are incapable of placing faith in ourselves, assessing and digesting the current situation in it’s many variables and in turn, coming to a conclusion through critical analysis, then we are sheep being herded by a wolf disguised as a shepherd.

An ever so common theme in human history, and history, oh does it ever repeat itself.

It is true that despite the plethora of information instilling chaos and confusion upon us, we are called to decide what it is that we truly seek to experience upon planet earth in our near future, on a micro and macro scale.

For we alone possess free will and must under no circumstances believe that we are the victims of life, for we are merely inheriting a broken modus operandi that has been engrained in our collective unconcious through our various and diverse beliefs since the dawn of time, and indeed, from chaos comes order.

Indeed, this is an opportunity being seized upon by many on this planet that understand this, interestingly enough the wealth distribution internationally substantially shrunk this year, for the greatest time in history, that is to say, the masses are poorer than ever and the elite are more wealthy than ever before.

That is to say however, we have the opportunity for the first time perhaps in many of our lives, to see the flaws and fallacies that plague the human condition and in turn, society.

Control, power, greed, lust, hedonism, nihilism, these forces are stronger than ever before, forcing us to not only confront our innermost demons internally, but also the darkness that stalks this earth ever so blatantly.

We can choose between following a blind path into the darkness, or opening our eye(s) and deciding our own fate alongside those who see the fallacy known as reality for what it truly is.

We are the bearers of the past, the present, and the future, we decide how all shall be seen and perceived, for it is merely an illusion to believe the separation of these events that dictate the fate of the micro and macro.

Question, analyze and dictate.

Sending you light through love,


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