Seizing chances

An opportunity is at your hand, if you are merely willing to seize it.

It will not be what you are looking for, on the contrary, it may very well be the opposite.

For that is what will give birth to potential, the mystery, the enduring of the tribulation is what we seek to push further, beyond our limits and beyond the boundaries that we believed possible.

It is only within that which we initially percieved as a curse, that we find our strength, and in turn are capable of rising to the occasion of tuning into the possiblity of victory rather than misery.

There are many factors that are out of our control, however, in turn there are variables that can be altered in our own favour, despite the fact that we are in the midst of dismay, chaos and what appears to be unavoidable misfortune.

It begins with a single thought.

Indeed, the opportunity to alter the mentality that could very well be inhibiting us from truly living.

And living is seizing the opportunity each and every moment to experience the gift of life that is laid before us.

It is not decaying and awaiting, it is not denying and lying, it is merely acceptance of the present before us and the breath of fresh air that we share.

Unfortunately that is merely a personal opinion, one that can be altered at any given moment, but in truth, we have options.

We always have and we always will, shall we remain vacant and worrisome if only to lay still while the embers lay ruin to that which we once knew.

Or shall we cry valiantly in unity for the opportunity to simply coincide with the simple and only honest fact I’ve ever been told, for indeed we are alive.

Which is exactly why we have the opportunity to decide, no we shall not hide nor shall we side with a faltering storm cloud that seeks to break the tide of a fragile and ever so tenuous peace.

For it is true, we are broken inside.

Why is why we rely, or maybe it is simply I, to make sense of misfortune that is an experiment seeking to entice those of us willing and ultimately fulfilling, the exact true meaning of what it means to have blood surging through our veins at this very moment in time.

Certainly, the opportunity to decide, what it truly means to be alive, shall we seize it?

Sending you light through love,


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  1. This is great! Thank you

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