Engines in the lagoon

There are crevices and caverns deep within the soul of humanity that one rarely traverses if they wish to exhibit the spirits nessecary to function in the outlet of society.

It seems as though one must completely and utterly forgo whatever it was that once made them whole in order to benefit from collectivism.

Alas we are but social creatures, so it should be to no surprise that ever so few care to analyze what lies beneath the dots and lines.

Where does it all lead to indeed, and what happens to be the purpose, for this endless labyrinth that lays before us is about to short circuit.

And possibly we should emphasize that there are plots and twists, that seek to leave you blind and weak, while others wreak spoils and false bliss.

Is that the truth or merely a phantom whisper, as nothing may even exist, a mere figment of our imagination in which we are subject to endure manifest until it no longer persists.

For when we awaken, make no mistake, there will be nothing but silence.

Possibly that is a gift, maybe it is a curse, suppose it all depends on one’s perspective.

A matrix that captivates those through seeds planted deep in the hearts of those who insist on the directive.

Whatever it be, wherever the wind blows, why should we be critical of a moment such as this?

Because history repeats itself before, like a novel from beginning to end, same plots, environment and forces, repeating narratives with slightly different bends.

So engage the theatre if you will, put what you believe to be reality in suspension.

For there will be lessons that make you cry and bleed, yet if you pay attention, others will yield harmony and affection.

Whatever path is available to you, depends on your own discretion, and if you wish to engage or witness.

Sending you Light through Love,


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