Notes of mortal contemplation

Time is subjective and irrelevant.

We calculate and formulate time based on memories, therefore experiences, the past and the future, each fleeting second.

We forgo the present ever so often in pursuit of a projection, a possibility, formed within our mind, that we wish to manifest into reality.

Indeed, we are linear beings, in accordance to the law of nature, we flow with the tides of season, we rise and we fall as the lily blossoms and decays, the separation within the lily and human however is that one was born to live while the other was born to die.

It seems that our unconscious and sometimes all too conscious awareness of our own mortality is what sets us apart from the natural world, for we become unnatural when we fear death, we become artificial when we attempt to evade it altogether.

Indeed, before we succumb to death, the harbinger of the end of our own story, we succumb to the fear of death, and because we succumb to the fear of death, we forget to love to live.

We are no longer conscious, no longer strident in towards the pursuit of what it means to be truly alive within an infinite reality that beckons exploration and contemplation.

This is a part of the human condition and has existed within our consciousness since the inception, for as polarized, emotional beings we are capable of feeling and expressing every emotion and action that could possibly be conceived of.

Indeed, we are controlled by our emotions, or rather, the energy in motion that can be expressed in a polarized manner, either positive or negative.

Thus, if we are in states of chaos, incapable of understanding the world before you as it is chaos, nor capable of interacting with it beyond simple means because you lack the energy (think money or influence, for example), then you could very well find yourself within a negative emotional state that is driven by FEAR.

In turn, if we are within states of equilibrium, and understand the world before us and interact with it consistently while maintaining an awareness of what is occurring, then we can find ourselves in a positive emotional state that is driven by LOVE.

Life itself is driven by emotions, unless you are of the 1% and possess nothing but cold logic (a trait also known as psychopathy, a trait that seems to do incredibly well in a world dominated by materialism and capitalism), then you will be subjected to living in accordance with your emotions, you will be ruled by them, unless you learn to control them, and when you begin to control yourself, you may begin to be present with the experience unfolding before you.

This is to say that we live in an incredibly rapid, chaotic, and intense world.

Life evades us when we are incapable of accepting our path, whatever that is, and flowing through it, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Life embraces us when we embrace it, when we are fully present and in tune with what is unfolding before us.

If we love to live, then there is no fear of death, for that is inevitable.

If we fear to die, then there is no love of life, and that is all is present before us.

It seems in the end, in the greatest of days and darkest of nights, that we may very well have a choice, but that is for us to decide.

Indeed, we have the choice to actually live our life, at this very moment it seems.

Beyond that, the answers lie beyond.

Sending you Light through Love,


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