Thanks ember, a poem

The answer is in your pocket
She told me ever so long ago
Liar and a thief I bellowed aloud
For how could you possibly know
The answer to my fate
Synchronicities within my dreams
For I was built with a purpose
And your love is not fulfilling
Or at least, that’s how it seems
So vanish and leave me be
Please don’t put up a fight
For I a monster in the midst of a plight
And in order to lift this curse
I once again must take flight
Out into the unknown, to the woods I call home
Sitting upon a throne of thorns
As they say, when in Rome
Marching deeper and deeper
For I have always been a believer
In meeting destiny head on
A man is meant to be scarred and strong
Oh boy, fools will never be right or wrong
They will simply carry on
Attempting to reach a destination
That will never end
They will send away their allies and hope
In replace for a bottle of being able to cope
As at least then there will not be whispers
Judgement of how they were never good listeners
For there are soft spots within the blister
Waiting to burst as they infest and fester
And soon they will open up
When one least expects it
In the middle of the marsh, alone save for a sparrow
A hollow song pierces the veil and at last I am carried away to the Oasis
Where there is a portrait, one of what I appear to be
Piece by piece, it fragments into eternity
Until there is nothing left but a void
One that I wish to most certainly avoid
For if there was nothing in the end
And I wasted all these years to simply behold
That what I longed for was not gold
Merely the satisfaction of being the man, brave and bold
Yet there you are, dancing upon the stars
Holding a different mans arms
Laughing as love enters into your charms
Entangled within the cosmic yarn
A smile greets my face as laughter heals the scars
I say, thank you, you look to me and say, thank you
For neither of us would find the bliss in which we were never meant to
If we did not resist and enter the world anew
And so, grateful I am, grateful you may be too
Knowing that love is a flame flickering in the dark
It is ever so troublesome and it will burn away the greedy
It will separate the empty, it will pick out the needy
For in the end, only truth is told
And that is both warm and certainly cold
It is accepting the life and the way that things are
As all that ever was and ever will be
So you best not take it for granted, and run too far

Poetry is one subject that is closest to my heart. I have complied much that I have written over the previous year and am working on developing it into an e-book. One that I shall certainly share with you all. In the meantime, i hope you enjoyed this piece.

Speaking on another topic close to my heart, music, indeed, I have just released my debut album which you can find if you follow the link below.

Sending you Light through Love,


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