Deep below the surface

Swimming in Circles.

This is a perfect example of the state I personally seem to be engulfed in consistently, and the circle may be getting larger and larger, but I am simply going in a loop, rather than drowning and giving in to the vast ocean of life.

I return to the art of writing to find grounding, and to understand the enviorment I am encapsulated within, for certainly the mind (ego) is the swimmer, my beliefs, habits and perspective are the circle, which expands and contracts ever so often, limiting me to the confines of my own unconsciousness.

It seems the ocean is my spirit on a micro scale, the universe is the ocean on the macro, yet one cannot swim freely in the vast and infinite realm of life itself, if in fact, they do not see themselves as free.

I am not free, for I have never allowed myself to be, on the contrary, I have built a vast and complex prison filled with both heaven and hell, and locked myself within it, while tucking the key into my sock, forgetting that I alone was capable of freeing myself and cursing my own creation for this inescapable reality that confronts me.

Albeit, this is a recurring theme, a cemented theme, within the human condition, the grand quest for freedom and the end of suffering, which is believed to be attained through the pursuit of the journey within the physical realm, rather than the spiritual realm.

Indeed, it is within this expanding and contracting circle that we endlessly revolve around that we must realize the futility of attaining peace in a world where peace can never possibly exist, and that may very well be due to the fact that we are aware that is there is peace, then there is an opposite.

The curse and blessing of duality, the polarized energies at work in the universe that remind us of the sun and the moon, the cold and the warm, the light and the dark, the good and the evil.

The only way out of the endless cycle, the repetitive circle that wishes to see us entranced from the time we leave the womb to the time we enter the tomb is to dive deep into the ocean.

The ocean of life, the dawning of our innate sovereignty as spirit conquering and dwarfs the mental loop that our ego would have us engaging in.

For the matter of the fact is that we develop this loops, we develop this prisons, and they are within our minds, and the only way to leave them behind is to leave your mind behind, leave your programming behind, leave all that which you believe yourself to be, in the rear view.

You see, through the process of destruction of oneself, the process of creation of oneself opens up entirely.

The deeper you dive into life itself, that is, the further you go into authenticity, the deeper you dive into your soul and whom you truly are what you represent (which could very well be nothing and everything simitaneously), the more life begins to interact with you, as you are a part of it, you are one with life, rather than believing yourself to be a separate function, designed to merely replicate habitual patterns and traumas until you draw your final breath.

It is frightening at first, indeed it is fear and complacency that prevents us from diving into life itself to begin with.

For swimming in circles is safe, we know the boundaries, we know our limits (or at the very least, the boundaries we have imposed on ourselves for so long) and we do not know what lies beneath the surface, for it is the unknown, the grand mystery of life itself.

Courage, this is when it is required, to be able to break the mental bondage and conditions that we impose upon ourselves so that we may not change, for change involves growth, it is a messy and chaotic process, certainly it may destroy everything you’ve ever known and held dear.

What we gain from rising to the occasion of alteration is ourselves, we gain ourselves when we burn the disguise we have been hiding beneath for so long.

For indeed, we are dead already if we refuse to live, and if we are truly living, then there is no need to fear, the inevitable natural end that shall greet us all when our hourglass has lost it’s final grain of sand.

We have a choice.

To swim in circles or to dive deep below and discover the possibilty that we may have been far more powerful and capable than we could have ever imagined.

I pray that you all are well in these times.

Sending you Light through Love,


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