Beasts, Gods and Men.

The infinite void gives birth to the labyrinth, a challenge to the gift of consciousness itself to either discover the way back to it’s source, or to be forever trapped in a purgatory of it’s own design.

The greek myth of the minotaur has always fascinated me immensely, as it serves as an allegory, one that strikes me ever so clearly when I percieve it with an open mind.

In the story of the minotaur, a greek king’s wife has an affair with Zeus, the leader of the greek gods, the wife becomes impregnated, but rather than a human child, a great beast with the head of a bull and body of a man is born (zeus was in the body of a bull when he slept with the king’s wife).

Desperate, the greek king commands a great engineer to develop a prison for the minotaur, as it was known, the engineer agreed, and developed the labyrinth, an endless trap that seemingly is impossible to escape.

To feed the minotaur, the greek king would demand tributes from conquered cities and force them to enter the labyrinth, where they would be devoured by the minotaur.

Eventually, a young warrior is selected as tribute, his lover, who wishes to see him again, gives him an endless golden thread that he may use to once more find the entrance once he has indeed, slain the minotaur, the beast within the labyrinth.

In this analysis of the myth, the labyrinth represents the illusion of this world, maya, the world of matter that we are lost within. The minotaur represents the body, lost and primal and searching for sustenance to sustain itself, like an animal it wanders and possesses no purpose. The warrior represents the mind, aware of it’s mission but lost within the labyrinth, frightened of the circumstances in which it is subject to the endless depths of maya, this world. The thread represents our heart for if we follow the golden thread then we shall discover the truth that we were never lost to begin with, for it begins within, and if we follow this compass, we shall discover what we seek, freedom from the bondage of maya. The lover indeed represents our own spirit, for it is love that shall make us free, and it is the lover, our own spirit, that is within our heart, always present and if we are willing, guiding us to our own freedom, absolving us from the trap that we willingly entered of our own volition, if only so that we may discover ourselves once again.

We enter this world, we are human in the sense that we are capable of consciousness and thought, we are beast in the sense that we are primal and reactive, we are lost within a labyrinth that we entered, we are searching for freedom within this labyrinth despite the fact that we possess a golden thread that shall lead us out of our own captivity and once more into our lovers arms, in essence, when we are once again truly ourselves and not playing a game of mind and body, torn between the world of thought and action.

For the warrior seeks to conquer the minotaur and the minotaur seeks to conquer the warrior, the mind and body struggle between who shall emerge victorious in the abyss.

The minotaur cares not for the golden thread, for it is at peace with it’s own prison, it was designed for it after all, the mind cares for the golden thread, but if it follows it without having emerged victorious then what is the point of entering the labyrinth to begin with?

As the story goes, the minotaur is vanquished, the warrior follows the thread back into the grips of his lover.

A perfect allegory indeed, for the body, the primal, that which is at peace with the abyss of the labyrinth, must be conquered if only for the mind to realize this is not the true victory, rather the true victory is surrendering to the golden thread, one’s own heart, and following it to freedom, into the grip of spirit, into the grip of love, into the depths of purification.

What has been purified other than our own sin, our own weaknesses, our own vices, when we conquer the body with the mind and in turn surrender to freedom and love.

For freedom is only true if you believe you are free, and love is the key to unlock serenity.

In essence, the beast within must be conquered, the warrior must surrender to the thread if it ever wishes to be truly free and the lover embraces the warrior upon the completion of the visit to the labyrinth and all is restored once more to harmony.

May we all discover freedom, love and harmony within the grand labyrinth of life itself.

Sending you Light through Love,


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