The ashes that remain alive

You used to tell me it is what it is, and we all must hold our ground.

I’d point out that it’s hopeless after all, if you never had your feet solid beneath the earth’s heartbeat, it’s only sound.

You used to tell me that if one can’t carry their load then how could they burden that of another.

I’d say it matters not, for we cross through hell and back indefinitely for the love of eachother.

You use to tell me that forever is a moment and then it is through.

I’d measure the same concept in an algorithm, measuring if that was even true.

You used to tell me that support is patience, silence and grace.

I’d argue back and forth until we were in shambles, as calloused as my father’s own mistakes.

You used to tell me that life is all about the simple and beautiful things.

I’d point out that everything is empty, filled from the eternal godess’s spring.

You used to speak so eloquently while sipping ginger and whiskey, pointing out the facts as well as the fallacies.

These were the nights that brought me to my knees, ever so vigorously.

You used to ask me to slow down and take it easy.

I’ve never had a moment to breathe or so it seems, I’ve only ever been running from me.

You used to point out different anomalies in the cyclical seasons, claiming everything has a purpose and nothing is misleading.

I could at the very least agree with you on one thing, your beauty is as powerful as the lightning and as frightening as a fading horizon.

You used to tell me of the ghosts that haunted me and in turn haunted you.

I realized in the end oh sweet baby doll, that I was still alive and had no need to scare you.

Cause these demons of mine, yes they may lash out and they may taunt.

They may destabilize my mind until I am nothing more than a repeating thought.

They may indeed shatter the moment and prevent the light from coming through.

Yet in the end, oh sweet love of mine, know that my heart will always belong to you.

For that I am free, baby doll, so are you.

I’m sorry for it all, but look baby, spring shall soon greet you.

And then comes the summer and once more the fall.

By winter next year my mind will be brought to a slow crawl.

Then I’ll be forced to once more think about you.

The trials we endured, these tribulations that together we went through.

And I pray to God, oh so help me please.

Keep my baby girl safe, as she means the world to me.

It seems unfortunately, you have other plans for me.

Thus you tore me apart from that love of mine in order to set us both free.

And if there ever comes a day that she returns to me.

I’ll be greeted by and angel, yes, and she’ll be greeted by me.

Sending you Light through Love,

Don’t take love for granted, it’s all we have in this realm that matters.


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