Offerings to the light in the darkness

The polarized space we occupy through an unknown pull of consciousness pushes us to explore the frontier of what it means to truly be alive.

For there can be balance, yet that is easily tipped from one extreme to the next based on our own individual concious or unconcious decisions, for every choice we make catapults us into an array of possibility.

These possibilities then compound into our own fate, that we seemingly create, yet is carefully woven into the thread of life, in which we are merely threads of the yarn, tightly bound within.

We are always on the brink of destruction or creation, that is to say, we are expanding upon our own experience and opening up new horizons if we choose to follow our own fate, or we are compounding, closing ourselves off and losing touch with what we once were.

Pain seems to be the greatest teacher, just as love is the greatest healer.

For it is pain, these difficult tribulations in life that invite us to evolve past our own limitations.

Just as it is love, the all encompassing force that connects us all, that sees shut the wounds and forms scar tissue, reminding us of the pain, and reminding us that there is a possibility for renewal, a possibility to grow stronger.

Indeed, pain will create or destroy us, based on how we react emotionally to the given predicament that challenges us.

That is why we choose to live, to grow through the chaos, the great destroyer and great creator, otherwise we are dead, we are merely witnessing.

There is much destruction taking place just as there is much creation taking place.

The determining factor is whether we are consciously creating the life before us or unconciously destroying it without care or thought.

There are many paths in this life, a single human cannot lead them all, the path of the seeker is futile and will end in nothingness.

For we are dealt cards through fate, and we are expected to play them, despite the fact that we have no control over the hand we are dealt, it is what we possess.

Knowing that this is what we have, we may diligently utilize these gifts and curses to our own benefit or negation.

One may be the victim or one may be the solution, there is always opportunity if one is concious just as there is always the opportunity for failure.

If we knew how this would all play out then there would be no purpose to our existence.

Faith is a powerful tool, action is a powerful tool, courage is a powerful tool, whether we use the tools that we individually possess in a concious or unconcious manner is entirely up to us.

Each decision we make is entirely up to us.

We can live in the dark or in the light or we can accept that one cannot exist without the other, for that is polarity, and the swinging pendulum always attains equilibrium eventually.

On a micro and macro level, this is the truth, it begins individually and expands collectively, hence the saying, “be the change you would like to see in the world”, that is not entirely positive, it is also negative, it is an unconcious decision or a concious one.

In the end, we reap what we sow, for we are responsible for what we take in and what we put out.

This life indeed is an experiment, a challenge, and through one’s own perspective, a blessing or a curse.


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