Persist or resist

There is no purpose nor reason as to why we are in pursuit of our own agenda, it is merely second nature, it is the sole reason for existence it seems, persistence that is.

Persistence, the old ally that accompanies you through the darkest of nights in order to realize the treasure at the end of the road existed within the entire time.

Resistance, the enemy (as Steven Pressfield so eloquently described in his brilliant novel, The War Of Art, which i highly recommend to anyone looking for a shift in their perspective) will attempt to draw us away from persisting towards the work that we exist to accomplish.

This is the polarity of the game that we Humans play, it is the same versus the ego, we can either persist towards that which we are called internally to externally accomplish or we can resist, wither and destroy that which was meant to be created.

The two paths are creation and destruction, and we as polarized beings follow one or the other, possibly both at the same time before settling into ourselves and creating the life that was always ours.

The turbulence that is our burden to share as products of the environment of human culture in its diverse and hyper modern forms presents us with many challenges that drain us to the point of breakdown, or shutdown.

It is our duty to stand our ground and overcome these obstacles, lest we allow them to render us incapable.

It can be simple or ever so complex, that choice is ours.

Persistence is simple.

We accept ourselves, our gifts and flaws, and we accept our mission, which is utilizing our unique talents to create something out of nothing, to alchemize the lead of the human spirit into gold.

This requires putting in the work, the energy exchange that is a prerequisite to success of any type on this plane of existence.

Resistance on the other hand is complex.

For the mind, the world and the minions of resistance will throw everything in their power to prevent you from following your path, to prevent you from evolving, to prevent you from succeeding.

If you allow this negativity to overwhelm you, then the resulting issues that arise can make your life miserable and complex.

Despite the fact that there may very well be no rhyme or reason to existence, you, I, we, seem to exist for a reason, and it is ours and ours alone to discover that reason and ultimately, it is our responsibility to create that which we alone can create, or on the other hand, that which we alone are able to destroy through unwillingness to accept ourselves.

Persist and you shall blossom, resist and you shall decay.

Sending you Light through Love,


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