Self analysis of the Ant

It is exceptionally difficult to remain “sane” within a collective that is insane, perhaps the two polarities are the same, it is simply our own beliefs that separate the definition.

It seems however, the human condition is very similar throughout us all, and we mend it to the best of our ability based on our own individual archetypes (our personalities, strengths, weaknesses).

This human condition is merely coping with consciousness itself, a gift and a curse without a doubt, for there is grandiose beauty and horror present within this experience constantly, available in many different forms.

In order to survive, we must be able to push past the conditioning that limits us to what we believe ourselves to be, we must be willing to grow more fully into whom we truly are, and frankly that takes a lot of self reflection and true intention in regards to what it is that we seek.

And what we seek can be ever so simple or rather complex, we can seek to merely be at peace, which may sound simple and rather attainable, but considering the world that we inhabit especially at this moment in time, practicing peace of mind is rather difficult.

That can be a projection most certainly, for I am a man that seeks peace, yet I am also bound by chaotic tendencies that I have not yet been able to break through.

Indeed, it seems the harder one tries to enact stillness, the more backlash they may face.

Personally I know this to be very true, as it seems that whenever I attempt to force change, I merely destroy that which was under construction.

As those are the two forces present within nature, destruction and creation, and we are either developing or faltering within our own lives, so then, what is the key to stability within the maelstrom that is life itself?

I don’t have the answer, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be spewing my own ramblings upon the inter web for the collective conscious to analyze, but perhaps, there can be a grain of truth to be found in this sand of nonsense after all.

Indeed, what I happen to know is that I am a master of nothing, an amateur of many things and I have no idea why I happen to be alive on a floating rock within the vastness of a multiverse that my pea brain could not possibly comprehend slightly.

However, at the very least in that regard, limitations are set forth, and limitations are good, because we know what we are capable of and what we are not capable of, this is not to say that you shouldn’t attempt to overcome your downfalls, but if you are horrible at skateboarding and you’ve been practicing for years, perhaps another calling is more suited towards you.

For example, I place far too much emphasis on my own existence, which is positive, for it gives me meaning and the confidence to pursue my passions, however, it also is stressful, and I am not atlas, I cannot burden the world, when I attempt to do so, I crack and give in to my vices, and boy, am I ever full of those.

Work to exhaust the mind, substances to numb it, rage to distract it and depressive tendencies to mitigate the evolution of my own soul; I am sure these are very common traits of the human condition, I am not special in Sin, but I am special in how I commit it, as we all are (or maybe we are not, what so ever).

Indeed, the virtues that we possess tend to balance these aspects out if we are willing to embrace them, that is what gives us purpose, passion indeed is a grand healer.

If seems however that growth occurs from pain, and this is based on my own experience (and I can imagine, many of you and past humans can agree), for pain teaches us that if we wish to avoid a certain emotion or situation, then we should not allow the prerequisites that allowed it to occur in the first place, to take place.

Trial by fire, indeed everything is burnt away, the remnants are merely ash and dust, an uncertainty that is a mystery, however, this allows for new growth to take form, possibly more grand than the previous, and that is a blessing beyond measure.

In the end, nothing makes sense but it makes perfect sense and everything may seem to happen for no reason but there is a reason for everything and resistance is futile when it comes to allowing oneself to become whom they are.

This world is in the middle of a transformation, and personally I believe it is nefarious as governments thrive on fear and submission to push agendas that the common folk have no ability to comprehend, and of course we as individuals are going through a transformation based on our own actions and thoughts in regards to the world around us.

Ultimately however we must follow our hearts, I hear you, I have a hard time understanding exactly what I mean by that as well, but bear with me for it is our responsibility and our responsibility alone to do so, you can’t walk my path for me and I can’t walk your path for you.

My heart to you all, thanks for reading, this is certainly my form of therapy but may you find some solace within the words.


2 thoughts on “Self analysis of the Ant

  1. Beautifully written. Needed to hear that I need to look above what I’m conditioned to believe I can do.

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    1. Absolutely, my pleasure. We’ve been conditioned since birth and continue to be within this world, we can either acknowledge that and begin to break free from our own shackles or continue down a road that we are not forging

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