Shadows and Reflections

The enemy within is a powerful predator and nemesis, seeking to overwhelm us at any given moment and when we least expect it.

The shadow, one that lingers and awaits to strike when we are most vulnerable clings to us indefinitely, for it is a part of us.

This is to say that we cannot purge the darkness within, that which makes us lash out and give into temptation, we can however begin to understand it through self reflection and analysis so that we may be better prepared for when it strikes.

For the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and if our own greatest enemy happens to be ourselves, then certainly our own greatest ally in turn happens to be none other than ourselves as well, we just so happen to be in the crossfire of this conflict.

Considering this conflict will never cease, there will be endless victories and defeats until a truce is ultimately enacted, we must learn how to live with ourselves so that we may allow our virtues to blossom more often within than allow our vices to decay.

And this, because pain for some odd reason happens to be our greatest teacher, and typically we tend to be our own greatest source of pain (obviously that is not universally true, as humans are certainly capable of inflicting untold horror upon one another) then in order for healing to occur and pain to end, temporarily, we must discover the source of the pain and the triggers that allow us to give in to it.

For the source of pain is our own shadows greatest weapon and the tactics it employs for us to give into pain and in turn give in to vice will always be our downfall if we are incapable of mending the wounds that all humans on an individual and collective level feel.

So then, in order to combat the shadow within, we must first understand how we engage with ourselves and why.

For conflict with oneself is undoubtedly a core part of the human condition and if it is not rectified then certainly it will lead to conflict outside as well, particularly with other humans and nature itself.

Considering we are a part of nature, and the darkness within is natural, it is not to be resisted and fought against, it is meant to be accepted and understood, it is not meant to be forsaken, on the contrary it is meant to be forgiven and even entertained ever so often as long as it is not detrimental to the development of oneself or others.

Indeed it seems as beings of polarity with must accept both sides of the coin, the light and the shadow inherent with oneself and in the end, we are here to tame ourselves and control the emotional fluctuations and nihilistic/hedonistic tendencies that course through our veins rather than succumb to them and land in a pit of despair.

As always it is our responsibility and our responsibility alone to aid ourselves in becoming everything and nothing, as it is a choice.

Good luck to you all in the ensuing battle, may you conquer yourself.

I bid you good day,


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