Mirage of a Sunset

One final breath before departure, annihilation of the concept of that which tends to infect the mind with a riddle which causes us to neglect.

Everything that matters, forgotten in an instant, as though we have to reason to be appeasing the illusion of intellect.

Betrayal and revenge, but what is there to avenge?

Merely the perspective of antiquity, a fading idea simply stuck in the prison of our head.

As it all expires ever so subtlety, what then shall we mend, for the wound is invisible yet ever so deep, and it is beckoning us to realize that it is not pretend.

This is the intrusion which causes both the tyrant and prophet to act, a single thought that enforced action, creation or destruction we shall then enact.

What a foreign concept, have we taken what we lack, can we suffice with what was forgotten, are we capable of seeing through what was never brought back?

As it is lost, the meaning, just as it is fleeting and ever so often, revealing.

For there is a purpose beyond the mechanics that propel us towards superseding the reason for our breathing, take note for our life force is depleting.

And consciousness itself may very well be a myth that we invented long ago to replace the gift of being with the curse of everlasting meaning.

For possibly that is what we possess and all that we ever shall, a slowly ringing reminder in which presently is all we shall ever dwell.

Yet if we were to simply be, then what is the lock and where is the key?

For we are attempting to unlock a treasure that exists only in memory, and that is the futility, for we are the treasure and if we were to break through a spell known as uncertainty, then we could thrive and that is a certainty.

Yet these trials are formed from denial, and through the everlasting circle we spiral, oh how we spiral.

Up and down until at last we have fallen from heaven and climbed up from hell.

If there is an answer to the question, then within existence we would have no reason to dwell.

Yet it seems to me that we are not blind, no we certainly can see, the solution is not separation but one of unity, and may these words serve to simply inspire, the sleeping giant within your essence that shall never retire.

Sending you Light through Love,


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