Cain and Abel

The human being is comprised of two conflicting forces that seek to influence the experience the individual is engaging within on a day to day basis, these are two voices, the angel and the demon, that are all too often similar and cunning in their ability to convince the human in regards to what they should pursue.

The voice of the self as well of that of the ego, the higher and lower personas vying for control, whispering promises of truth and deception so often that the two options appear to be one and the same and with great difficulty and discipline alone are they distinguishable.

This presents a problem for us as we seek to traverse the landscape of our own existence, for we are constantly seeking, and both paths point towards a direction in which a promised goal is to be attained, if only we are willing to delve deeper into the promises of self actualization and ultimately salvation.

For we are purpose driven beings, without direction we are lost, and without a purpose we are aimless.

There is no definitive solution to the human condition of course and we are destined to struggle between the polarity of our own humanity until we pass from this world, however, if we are conscious of the two sides of ourselves that are engaged for the dominion of our finite time here on earth, then perhaps we can regulate the chaos of our lives and find, albeit at times, some semblance of peace.

Indeed, the ego is a mental construct derived from the information we have accumulated throughout our lives from personal experiences to those we have inferred from others, this allows us to construct an ideology within the world and interact with it.

Indeed our self is consciousness incarnate in human form as a sliver of the whole that seeks to continue as it always has without disruption from the mind ego complex.

This is to say that the two forces are necessary but they conflict as a result of lack of integration between the two which prevents us from pursuing our lives with clarity.

If we give in to the ego, then we may pursue the material and intellectual realm very deeply, constantly seeking answers and solutions to problems that we create out of thin air.

If we give in to the spirit, we may find ourselves incapable of relating to humanity which prevents oneself from truly living a human experience.

Of course acknowledging both sides of the coin rather than flipping between the two believing that one may provide may solace than the other may indeed prove more beneficial in the long term.

An old Christian tale, that of Cain and Abel, describes the relationship between two brothers and that of their God.

Cain is depicted as the lesser of the two, insincere in his worship and sacrifices, cunning, unhappy with what he possesses and incapable of being at peace with his place in the world.

Abel is depicted as the greater of the two, sincere in his life, grateful and pleased with the life bestowed upon him.

For this reason, Abel is blessed and Cain is cursed, they both know this deep down, yet neither is willing to communicate it to the other, they are divided and unwilling to connect and have a sincere relationship.

This leads to destruction, Cain commits murder, he kills Abel, his own brother, in cold blood as a result of jealously and hatred.

Abel allows me this to occur.

Their God curses Cain and he and his descendants are forced to wander the earth until the end of times.

Now, this is the problem, if we were to view Cain and the Ego and Abel as the spirit, for this tale is an allegory and it is meant to be unraveled as we see fit so that we may make sense of our own world, then the sole problem is lack of unity (and maybe there is more to this issue, don’t cite me for I am no Christian scholar, merely a writer attempting to reason with myself and in turn, with you).

For if Cain were capable of showing humility and speaking with Abel about his issues that are plaguing him and causing him to be so unsuccessful, then possibly they could formulate a plan together and the two of them together would benefit symbiotically in the long term, perhaps Cain could teach Abel a great deal about the shadow of humanity as Abel could show Cain the light.

Indeed, if Abel were capable of being more human rather than simply living in accordance to his own divine nature, then perhaps he could see that his brother is brooding in contempt and filled with uncertainty and hopelessness, then perhaps he could console his brother and offer him guidance, they could work together and benefit immensely from a symbiotic relationship.

As it stands however, considering the polarized archetypes are separate and unwilling to unify, chaos ensues and destruction is the result, neither party benefits, one is destroyed and the other eternally ashamed.

If the two parties consolidate however and realize that they are ultimately one, then order would ensue, harmony would arise and the ability to collectively create as a whole would benefit all it encounters.

Indeed, it seems to that rather than searching we should merely consolidate that which is within our grasp.

Take from this what you will and I hope you are well.

Sending you Light through Love,


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