When one shows up late

Fluid change is constantly enacted by us in order to keep the reality we are experiencing bearable, otherwise we are trudging along an assembly line, little more than machines and more in tune with life than death itself.

Change is a constant because life can be unbearable, suffering through the emotional, physical and spiritual ailments that accompany the human condition can be rather destabilizing and to avoid destruction, we create something new, we change.

There are many ways to change and it differs for each and every individual in regards to how they shall undergo a metamorphosis, however in this materialistic, soulfully crushing world, it should be no surprise that the simplest way to experience change is physically, within the material world.

It should be no surprise inherently considering we are sensual beings that inhabit a reality that has been designed to constantly engage our senses, pushing us furthermore into the outside world and only rarely provoking us to look within to determine if our way of life could alter in a manner that didn’t require movement of energy in the physical plane.

This is personal, for whenever I am unhappy, I will reach for a numbing agent to quell the emotional stress turbulence that overrides me, or I’ll exercise some demons out physically, or I will go and smash away on a guitar or write if I am coherent enough to do so, I’ll alter my appearance or go out for dinner with some friends.

This solves nothing however, it adds to the emotional load that is slowly piling up within my essence and awaiting to either be disseminated and sorted through, much like a stack of papers and notes that have been hanging around for far too long and will be thrown away eventually without having been organized and tucked away into their proper space.

Indeed, there is belief that change has been enacted, for at least the dilemmas that have been troubling have been pushed aside, out of sight and out of mind, and thus that is a solution, a victory, and so a parade is in order to celebrate the apparent conquest.

So a drink is poured, a new pursuit is made, a song is sang and love is made, in the end there is nothing but a hollowness clinging inwardly however, despite the fact that the external world appears to be ever so full.

That is the dichotomy it appears to be, if there is only enough liquid to fill one of two cups then surely the other shall be empty, what in that sense we must be ever so assure that which requires more attention, shall be watered over the other.

The antidote to chaos is order, however the antidote to order is chaos, alas that is the balance we must attempt to enact within a realm of polarity that attempts to propel us towards extremity in one path or another.

Thus it seems if we are seeking change then the path inward in order to determine the correct course of action so that we may blossom and bloom but inwardly and outwardly rather than decay, seems to be the most appropriate.

The only dilemma is that it is rather difficult to truly go within and determine the correct course of action unless you happen to be in tune with thyself, if so, that is wonderful.

So it takes time and practice as does everything in life to properly implement change that will truly benefit you in the long term.

It won’t come from the outside unless it has been properly concluded of its benefits, inside, to begin with.

I should note that these are personal assumptions that are simply projected outwards in hope that they will be of some benefit to other humans in the long run, if you are loving life and thriving by solely living externally then bless you, but I doubt you would have made it this far.

On that note, I hope you make it farther than where you are now, in a positive manner, growth isn’t easy but it will show you yourself above all else if you are honest and authentic in this journey.

May you have a lovely present, wherever you are.


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