The Fall and Rise

The fall of Humanity is analyzed religiously, culturally and mythologically across the eons.

It is a point that encourages investigation in to the of the human complex on a micro and macro scale, regardless of the age that we happen to inhabit.

The fall of Humanity denotes that we as Humans have fallen from a state of connection and harmony alongside God and nature, we have recognized our own consciousness, awakened to our own intelligence and are in turn, burdened with the gift and curse of sentience.

In the modern era, the fall can merely be shrugged off by many, considering the times that we live in contrast to that of the past (despite the fact that our world is consistently on the brink of a new problematic situation that affects the micro and macro levels of us all); this is to say that there is greater access to food, medicine, education and employment, than there has been in past times.

However, the fall of humanity is the separation of the species from the ecosystem of Earth itself, that which was created by a higher power that we struggle conceptualizing.

In another manner, it is the separation of the Human from the Being, where the ego lives automatically and pursues programming based information that will appease it’s primal and intellectual wants and needs.

The fall accelerates with time it seems, this is apparent on the micro level, the individual themselves, as well as the macro, the species itself, the point of this short discussion is to investigate the fall and attempt to understand it, as well as to relate to it, so that further analysis may be provoked.

The fall accelerates with time, on a collective level as a species undergoing constant transformation due to evolving technological, social and environmental factors, it is clear that in our current age, and within the past century albeit, humanity has overcome many challenges and been presented with a new set of them all together.

Technological innovation has heralded in a vastly different life for a minority of humans and certainly is evident in the lives of all humans without a doubt, from 1st world nations to 3rd world nations, we have all felt the effects of technologically entering and in some cases encapsulating our lives, this has led to a blatant separation not only from nature itself, which the majority of us view merely as resources to plunder despite the fact that they are finite, but from our fellow human as well, due to the fact that it is far easier and less troublesome to connect technologically rather than physically.

Thus in turn we are far more disconnected from all that is apparently relavent in order to lead a meaningful life as social creatures that are dependent upon natural resources in order to maintain a sembalance of comfort within our lives.

This is of course a polarized view, as despite the fact, humans still do connect in a beautiful manner, and there are many who care very deeply for the planet and the resources we are dependent on (water, clean fertile soil, animals, clean air etc.), it’s just that there are close to 8 billion humans and our social economic contracts as a global society are complex and certainly corrupt, and with social technology being employed constantly, many of us simply take the easier route.

The fall then consists of us falling from our natural state that challenges us to live harmoniously and within nature itself as laid out in design by a creative force that put this reality together and henceforth set us out to experience this creation, conciously.

If there is a fall however, there is also a rise, as that is the nature of polarity, opposites, and perhaps considering we have the gift of free will (or the mere illusion of it), then possibly we may rise after we fall within this brief finite moment in which we draw breath.

It is a choice that we must consciously actualize perhaps, for if we do not on a micro level as individuals decide to rise, then we shall certainly fall, alongside all those whom decide to unconsciously float through life itself.

The individual too, falls of their own volition as they engage with their human experience, there are many reasons to fall, such as emotional turbulence, physical ailments, financial instability, relationship problems, you name it and it has probably taken the will and strength of a great deal of humans throughout time.

Falling is pain, falling is suffering, we have been falling since time immemorial, only because of a hyper information processing 21st century does it feel more rapid.

Rising is strength, rising is courage, we have been rising since time immemorial, only because of the tools and knowledge that we possess in the 21st century are we capable of actualizing our potential more rapidly than ever before.

Everything is a choice in terms of falling or rising, none of us are damned or blessed, cursed or lucky, we are dealt cards and then we play them accordingly.

The collective, the macro, which is compromised of the individual, the micro, may rise or fall, however, that is a choice, in fact it happens to be our choice, for we are responsible for our actions and our thoughts alone, therefore we can rise or fall, and we either set a precedent for those around us in a positive manner or decay and falter, falling further and further away from our original state, a harmonious and beautiful place to be.

Considering this world is based on our thoughts as they create our reality on an individual basis and the culmination of all human thoughts manifests as the collective experience we are undergoing, it is our duty to optimize and better ourselves so that the world around us in turn may experience growth as well, the revolution starts with you, just as it does with I, just as it does with all, we can choose to be conscious and seek to bring harmony forth from ourselves unto the world, or we shrug off our responsibility and fade away into nihilism and the bliss of ignorance.

I suppose we better choose wisely.


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