Honest Polarization

Changing once a personality, an individual ego has been solidified, is a rather daunting task.

As once your world has been personified through experience and belief, altering that would completely destroy the previous, alas that is the only way forward if one wishes to create something new, to change.

This is visible clearly in the species of humanity as well as in the individual, the individual compromises the collective but the collective also greatly influences the individual, at times this can make it difficult for authenticity.

And ultimately authenticity is difficult to grasp inherently without doing immense amounts of investigation into oneself, for the polarity of humanity is prevalent in both the inner and outer worlds.

If one goes selfishly inwards then they may separate themselves entirely from their fellow man, believing themselves to be above that lower state, if one goes selflessly inwards they may delve to deep into the universal connection of all that is and lose accountability as an individual altogether.

In this sense, internally there must be balance, a dance between self progression and unified responsibility.

Indeed if one goes outwards selfishly then they too will become absorbed with the material realm and greedily pursue it without considering other humans or they earth itself as they set out to achieve their goals. Just as if one goes outwards selflessly then they will find themselves as caretakers of the burdens of others with little time to actually appreciate and respect their own individuality.

In this regard in turn there is the case for balance, as one must be in pursuit of their path in this world and seek to attain their goals so long as it is not at the expense of others or the earth itself, just as we must do our best to assist those around us and care for nature but should not completely absorb ourselves into that responsibility as it is a collective burden, not solely ours.

In this respect as well, one must balance both the internal and external worlds that they dwell with so as to maintain equilibrium.

This is obviously personal and something that I as a human being struggle with exponentially, for these are merely instructions for myself in the hopes that they will serve others as well, however they see fit.

In truth however, I am constantly polarized by the extremes of the both the inner and outer world rather consistently.

I am either charging headstrong into the world without regard for my surroundings like a bull in a China shop or I am forgetting myself and being lost in the world of others and drama that has nothing to do with me. I’m pursuing a path internally that separates me from others in the sense that they would not relate or I am empathetically interwoven with the world to the point of exhaustion.

What then does it take to attain the balance that I speak of? As I have not been able to attain it save for rare moments of clarity that soon dissipates.

It seems consistency as well discipline are key, being willing to do what must be done for true progression each and everyday, as well as an openness and truthfulness with oneself and others that that we don’t not fall victim to the falsehoods that we ourselves or others spread.

Taking responsibility as a whole for all the aspects of our lives will send us on the right path, having the courage to do so is vital, for it is not easy.

I pray that I and you are capable of doing the right thing when the time comes, every time.


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