Heart and mind, a war.

There’s a difference between following your heart and following your mind, something that we can all relate to.

The heart is a straight arrow, following the other in which it has taken flight, aiming to acquire its target despite the elements that attempt to stray it from its course.

The mind takes the form of carpet bombing, careless of a target knowing that it will strike many and cause much mayhem, and that is it’s purpose.

For the mind solely exists to lead us astray from our heart.

For the heart is powered by love and truth, for what we love is true and nothing can take that away from us.

Except of course, the deviance of the mind, for the mind does not love, no it merely attaches and takes on the infinite expressions within existence in turn, searching for a meaning that it will never find.

For our meaning is to live in true and love sincerely, that is to say, love inwards and outwards, be true inwards and outwards and we can do so by following our heart as the compass which is guiding us towards living as authentic beings.

Authentic to ourselves and in turn, authentic to others.

The world we inhabit was created by projections of the mind, hence the chaos that is constant, the conflict and disarray scattered as far as the horizon, for our hearts, at least in the majority of the collective, are closed.

Our minds on the other hand, are open, and considering we live in a readily accessible information based world, that gives our egos plenty to latch on to, and plenty to distract ourselves from truly following our hearts.

It is painful to live in such a way, it causes pain to ourselves and others, to the point where we are wounded so deeply that we cannot bear to acknowledge the wounds of others and see themselves as ourselves, merely scattered reflections of the same image.

For if we were to truly open our hearts then the world itself would open before us for we ourselves are the world, simply a micro expression of the macro.

My entire life I have seen myself as separate and that is the illusion that causes suffering, for it enacts the mind to disdain, be jealous, be fearful and live uncertainly.

The mind itself is hardwired to give in to fear, anger, negative emotions, for it can never truly be satisfied, which is why we have billionaires flying to space for pleasure while the majority of humans are stressed about it if they will be able to make ends meet the following day.

The mind seeks engagement so that it can feel alive, if it is still then it is dead, and if the mind is not running then the human egotistical complex cannot pursue more and more until the body gives way, along with our heart, and our love and the truth of why we are being to begin with.

Wise individuals throughout the ages have always stated that following the heart is the key to peace and happiness, however one cannot simply heed these words without truly living them.

In order to follow our heart it seems, we must first follow our minds and in turn realize the futility of attempting to make perfection out of imperfection, alas the human condition is but a game that we play with ourselves.

If you feel called to something from within, you should do it, for if it is not done, then it will never be made manifest and the world will suffer for it, you will suffer for it, I will suffer for it.

This is simply a reminder to you because I was reminded the other day by a ghost, the virtual recording of a man that is no longer beating with his open heart, that I am living a lie, I have been for quite some time and it does nothing but cause me pain.

I know what calls my heart, yet my mind has other plans, rather than truly doing the work I am called to do, I am trapped in a game of mental programming for the futility of success and hedonism because deep down I know what I am doing, day in and day out. Is a fallacy.

May we begin to still our minds, breathe a little more deeply and follow our hearts, one moment at a time.

Blessings to you all,


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