Seeking (endless) rivers

An uneasy mind produces nothing but chaos, hopelessly attempting to construct meaning out of the meaningless, which leads to further disorder.

An uneasy mind is the result of distress and trauma , ultimately it is lack of growth that perpetuates the everlasting insanity, for one is incapable of change if they know not where to start.

Thus, they spin in circles, hoping that eventually through some twist of fate, a compass will appear and guide them wayward.

There are moments in life in which we shift from one stage to the next, a necessary transformation that enacts clarity and a path forward.

When this occurs, the uneasy mind is put at ease and a sense of tranquility and knowing occurs; when this occurs however is inherently unique to each individual being, indeed, these moments seemingly pass us by indefinitely until we see the signs and act upon them.

Indeed it seems that purpose will set us upon our own path and put our minds at ease, but our purpose is a vague and nimble objective, constantly evading the majority and only gifting those who truly seek it intently and with integrity.

Truth is the compass it seems which shall guide us to our purpose, that which shall set us free from the bondage of our own self imposed prison, our uneasy minds.

How we come to truth is through recognition and understands of ourselves and maintaining that we live in alignment with our own authenticity.

This world presents many challenges that will force us to make split decisions that will affect us indefinitely, ultimately there are two paths however, that which will lead us closer to ourselves and our own truth and that which will lead us further and in turn, engulf us in the maelstrom of the unstable human complex.

Although madness produces genius, so does order, perhaps at the highest level of our own duality, they are one and the same construct, that would make sense.

Only we can know where we belong at each and every moment, if it feels fluid, then it is meant to be, if it feels forced, then it should be discarded.

The heart is the compass, and the compass is truth, this feels right and thus it should be honed and pursued.

Find what you seek, and seek it, the closer you get, the more difficult it shall become, which is better than the numbing and all too toxic state of the uneasy mind, find peace in your own truth.

As always, these words remind myself, may they remind you however you see fit.

Sending you light through love,


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