Blessings, curses, awakening

Disconnection from oneself will lead us down a path of numbing mindlessness that will prove futile in the end.

The world has become ever so mechanical and systematic, unnatural to the wild spirit that sings within the primal vessel that we inhabit, that it is ever so easy to disconnect from our heart and follow our mind.

This leads us down a path of endless wandering, in search of a release from that does not exist.

Truly we have become constricted and incapable of telling fact from fiction, and that is impervious to division, everyone believing that they have attained the truth, despite the fact that they themselves draw their belief from a secondary source and are thus incapable of having concrete evidence to support their claim.

This is where disconnection seeps into the story we are weaving, for it is no longer our story, rather we have adopted an artificial narrative.

Suddenly our life has passed before us and we have done nothing but follow a lie, for it does not speak true to our soul, rather it appeases the mind solely.

Recognition is the first step towards reconciliation with oneself when we feel as though we can carry on with the burden of disconnection no longer, and that springs forth solely from within.

Within ourselves we must recognize the futility of the constraints we have imposed upon ourselves through the beliefs of an external world that are not applicable to our own humanity but exist solely for the purpose of conditioning oneself into the mold of a society that is controlled by others that seek to exert their will upon the collective conscious of humanity itself.

There comes a breaking point, when the foundation is eroded and the walls have cracked and the dome caves in, this is where we have an opportunity to rebuild, from the destruction of the old comes the creation of the new.

The creation however is a collective process, just as the destruction was, for we have allowed ourselves to falter individually and collectively and only may we rise once more, at first individually and then as we look through the ashes and smoke and recognize one another once more, collectively.

Withdrawing from the world to go within yourself in order to assess the path we follow is paramount to our own reconnection so that we may once more live.

There are constant shifts and changes in life and we must be willing to alter when necessary and to remain steadfast when it is required.

I personally have felt dead, because I have been so incapable of remaining true to myself, in the contrary I have been completely consumed by the external world and beliefs that I alone have imposed upon myself, which is why I write this message, to reconnect and invite others to do so as well.

Fear and uncertainty are the greatest killers of the human spirit and if we are not able reconcile with our emotions, memories and beliefs, then we are burying ourselves deeper and deeper each day.

Sometimes, following a path that leads to nowhere is far more stressful than simply allowing yourself to be lost in the mystery of yourself and the beauty and splendour of the world around you, for what shall be shall be, and attempting to control the outcome rarely offers the solution we seek.

Disconnect in order to once more connect, we owe ourselves that much at the very least.

Thank you and I bid you a good day.

Sending you Light through Love,


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