About the Author.

Good day to you my friends, and welcome to Fragmented Illusions.

My name is Brandon Andovic and I am nothing more than a seeker here on Earth. From a young age I have always been confused in the seemingly backwards world that I found myself in.

Although I realized that there was much love and positive energy circulating, I also acknowledged that behind this thin veil of happiness there lay much darkness, and no one seemed to want to acknowledge it, yet alone discuss it and come up with a solution to the many problems that we face in this day age; the rampant wars, declining health of our beautiful mother (the Earth who supports each step and breath we take) and social injustice (the poverty and discrimination that was ever too prominent, even in “1st” world nations and the inevitable fact that above all else we seemed to be controlled by an invisible hand that seemingly guided us from the moment we manifested into this divine reality (by that I simply mean that from a young age I was told that I would do my best through grade school, graduate secondary school and land a job within the great system that supported us all, meet a girl and start a family, care for that family until they could fend for themselves and eventually retire and live out my golden years in relative comfort, enjoying my hobbies and loved ones, most likely oblivious to the bigger picture going on around me however).

I realized almost instantaneously that this was not the path that I was meant to walk in this lifetime, and so I went out in search of answers for myself so that I may share the knowledge that I discovered with my brothers and sisters (all of YOU reading this) that cared to listen. My journey has led me to some interesting places thus far, and I have met some interesting people who have gifted me with some insightful philosophies and wisdom. My journey is only beginning however,  one thing I have most certainly learned so far is that the more I learn, the less I know. I am a humble student of the Universe, and this is where I share that which I have learned thus far. Articles can range from anything under the spectrum really: consciousness, spirituality, alternative medicine, alternative media, opinionated articles regarding pressing international matters and so much more. There is much work to be done and as always, so little time to begin. Contact me if you have further questions, and I will gladly respond as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading the blog and I hope your having a wonderful day, wherever you may be.

Sending you Love through Light, 

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)